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  1. New initiative aims to take game development past "the hands of the skilled few."
  2. On the iPhone, 8BitDo's SN30 Pro is a waste with no emulator support.
  3. The fun side of serious science: "We’re just normal, fun, creative people.”
  4. Store could launch as soon as next year if regulators clear Activision Blizzard deal.
  5. Cremated remains were also covered in brick tiles and a thick layer of lime.
  6. Save 10 percent on any hardware configuration until March 23.
  7. RSI apologizes for "super rough start" to "persistent universe" alpha update.
  8. The so-called proto-metaverse will leap from desktops for the first time.
  9. Was Caterina a slave kidnapped from the Caucasus region?
  10. Industry lobbying against remote access leaves researchers cut off from game archives.
  11. Microsoft says Boosteroid deal should make cross-platform intent "clear to regulators."
  12. Submissions were judged on both striking visual qualities and scientific interest.
  13. It's been a long road since the project's 2016 Kickstarter funding.
  14. Worries over "myriad ways Microsoft could circumvent its [cross-platform] obligations."
  15. Kyle & Andrew try to separate the heroes from the anti-heroes.
  16. Streaming still accounts for 84% of music revenue, but vinyl is having a moment.
  17. Before this week, there was no universal VoIP platform for online games.
  18. Classical music app will be included with an Apple One or Apple Music sub.
  19. Edition will be exhibited at New York International Antiquarian Book Fair next month.
  20. Discord rolling out AI chatbot, moderation, summaries, and avatar remixer features.