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  1. Over the years, inventors have had some weird ideas about how to make cars safer.
  2. Tips and tricks for making Microsoft leave you alone while you use your PC.
  3. The Honda Prologue uses General Motors' Ultium platform.
  4. Failure is now an option at the US space agency.
  5. The AI community needs to take copyright lawsuits seriously.
  6. Morgan is still best known for making throwback roadsters and for still using wood.
  7. Are you a sysadmin with control issues who needs a weekend project? Look no further!
  8. Social mores aside, Vision Pro doesn’t seem designed to be used on the go.
  9. If you're tired of Alexa and Google listening, a DIY option is possible.
  10. "The Mars 2020 science team wasn't interested in Ingenuity."
  11. Artificial turf has its advantages, but the NFLPA wants it banished from the NFL.
  12. We kick off our multi-part Vision Pro review by testing it for entertainment.
  13. Despite some awe-inspiring moments, the $3,500 headset is a big lift for retail.
  14. Suddenly, everyone can master their own music.
  15. Researchers braced for a surge in 2022 that never came—and no one knows why.
  16. The around-the-clock race marked the start of the North American racing calendar.
  17. Apollo dev: "I don’t believe Reddit’s leadership... cares about developers anymore."
  18. Simulations all the way down—the philosophical debate on the nature of our Universe.
  19. Ingenuity packed more computing power than all other NASA deep space missions combined.
  20. Great ideas go up against awkward limitations in Framework's 16-inch sequel.