Help Us

We are looking for volunteer help. If you truly love games and want to contribute to our gaming community then please read on.

Level Designers - we are looking for level designers to add more levels to our games. If you like solving puzzles and putting things together to make challenges for other gamers then this may be a good fit for you. You will need to use your own computer and We will help you get started.

Artists - We need cover art for our games and characters and stories. We need interesting art to attract new users. This is your chance to leave a mark on games that will be promoted and seen all over the world. We will also need art for our website too. In addition, we will to create advertising banners for other networks to attract users to us.

Level Testers - Those levels arn't going to test themselves! We need help from players to make sure levels are challenging and can be passed. We need to set up a feedback system on our side so we can coordinate feedback.

Any help or contribution will result in your name being added to the credit scenes (we need help with the credit scenes too.) There is so much to do and right now and we can use all the extra help we can get. Star contributors will be asked to be part of our kick starter team.  We will try to crowdfund certain games that we want to build.

Our goal is to become an awesome indie gaming studio to make games that are fun to play and don't make you wait for days or charge you for power ups and things that should be free in the first place. As we move forward, expect good things from us.